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In the new year, try better!

What if we make 2024 the year of “better” instead of “best?” We are about to ring in the new year…again. Everything is new.  It’s alive, glistening in its rebirth, and reimagined in its potential for perfection in 2024. Right?     Right?       ??? Of course not.  If you are among the “executive class,”  […]

Wish you were here

Humans are wired to be at the same campfire. We are seeing a lot of consternation in companies these days around the topic of remote work and so-called “back to the office” movements.  Remote work among knowledge workers has been a viable topic for decades, but really came into its own when “everybody” in a […]

I want (you) to believe

Change management strategies are fundamental to strategy implementation.  How are you doing? Quick, think of a time that you made a really fundamental change in your life.  What did it take to do it? Maybe you changed jobs or started a workout regiment.  Maybe you did something more drastic like ending a business or personal […]