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The Fifth Stage of (In)Competence

This barrier to learning might be the barrier to strategic execution.   On some level, any strategic leader has to have a healthy appreciation for social science and psychology.  Success is hard to come by without it. But what happens when the best that psychology has to offer actually fails? Picture it:  You are working […]

Want good things? Do hard things.

Don’t mistake doing a “good job” with doing “great things.” We spend a lot of time in strategic discussions talking about challenges and how to overcome them.  Challenges exist in the market, in the organization, in product development, in sales, and in any number of other business strategy topics. Then, the conversation turns to incentives, […]

Butt Brushes And Your Strategy

The little things that turn people off of doing business with you can make all the difference. Millions of people shop every day. Thousands of retail executives spend millions of dollars every year trying to figure out what makes people lock in and buy their merchandise. They talk store formats, look and feel, customer flow, […]

(In)Attention to Details

Are we losing the ability to mind the details?  I don’t think so, but maybe!   Chalk this one up to amusement, but I ran across an article today that explains how the state of Oklahoma recently adopted “loser pays” for attorney fees in all civil suits. That’s a big deal.  A really big deal. […]

Formwork, Not Framework

We sometimes miss the point when it comes to the use of frameworks in business. Have you ever been around a management guru who can’t get away from his or her framework?  You know them, they are the ones who have trademarked the framework and, by golly, they are going to use it. No?  Well, […]


When you are faced with many distractions…remember to fly the airplane.   It looks like there’s a Star Wars marathon on this weekend, and I fell right into the middle of A New Hope last night. One of the more memorable scenes from that movie involves a team of pilots on a mission to destroy the […]

Data Rich, Insight Poor

These days, the secret to your success is only rarely “more data.”   I woke up this morning and stood on the scale in my bathroom.  The scale is, as many things are nowadays, networked and bluetooth’d.  It takes my weight, heart rate, body fat percentage (don’t ask), water percentage, and something called “pulse wave […]

United Airlines and Only Following Orders

Only following policy only hurts your business. By now, you’ve doubtless seen the sturm und drang surrounding United Airlines’s escalation of an unreasonable passenger’s behavior to forcible police action against the passenger. If not, here’s one link to give you some background. United’s CEO Oscar Munoz then, and now famously, backed his employees for following the […]

What If You Gig a Lemon?

As the gig economy continues to evolve, how do we define value in it? I had this link come across my newsfeed today. It looks like seminal gig economy facilitator TaskRabbit is pursuing a strategic sale. From the article: One of the earliest and most prominent startups of the so-called “sharing economy” or “gig economy” is […]

Assumption, What’s Your Function?

The journey to real strategic insight lies in debating assumptions, not outcomes. You know what happens when you assume? Well, the classical answer to that questions is about something that happens to you and me.  But that’s not what I had in mind. What I had in mind is what happens when you make assumptions […]