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Coffee and a Do Not: Span Breaks

For all the benefits of being a senior manager in a company, far too many management positions, even very senior ones, come with limited authority… Avoid filling or creating them. In the grand scheme of things, being senior is a nice thing. Having position, especially position that others believe is influential and interesting, can be […]

The Chinese Food of Corporate Leadership

Attaching real change to ubiquitous communications can save you from providing an ultimately unsatisfying change experience for your organization, shareholders, and community.  The best management science surrounding corporate performance transformation comes with a hefty dollop of behavioral science. Focus on the people, start with the “why,” ensure purpose, drive for meaning… Anyone who has read the likes Heath, […]

4 Myths about Apple Design and What One Means for You

4 Myths about Apple design bring up at least one very interesting top management dilemma about talent, structure, and strategy. Fast Company Design and author Mark Wilson recently shared an article that focused on one former Apple employee’s views on myths about what makes Apple go when it comes to design. I’ll put the link HERE. The […]

RAND Corp’s 12 Instability Factors and Your Organization

Earlier today, I came across this tweet by RAND Corporation. 12 factors that generate and sustain unstable environments vulnerable to violent #extremism: http://t.co/RWz1CkMKxbpic.twitter.com/l6KmPvBcg3 — RAND Corporation (@RANDCorporation) February 20, 2015 It got me thinking about how organizations are, in a lot of ways, a lot like countries. When we think and talk about change leadership […]

Fast Company: Unemployment Changes Your Personality

David Lumb, writing for Fast Company, outlines some recent research that shows that unemployment for a year or longer can actually cause an individual to have a souring personality. YOUR LINK The key comment: “Over time, the unemployed men and women saw decreases in their levels of agreeableness, openness, and conscientiousness—all traits that could affect how […]

Belling the Cat Part 2: Greece’s “Innovation”

Interesting commentary from Yanis Varoufakis, Finance Minister of Greece, published in the NYT a few days ago. YOUR LINK In the midst of a highly academic treatise on why his motives are really not to engage in any games, but rather to do “the right thing,” Varoufakis meets the strain a writer always does when […]