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The One About Performance

Performance is the prerequisite for any professional or organization.  It is the heartbeat of the body. In December I posted an article on the lights of leadership. In the midst of a lot of feedback I receive on the writing I’ve done, one bit of feedback stood out on that particular piece. It came from […]

How to Punch Through Adversity

A renewed focus on individual and organizational entrepreneurship provides a “puncher’s chance” when dealing with ambiguity and adversity. On November 5, 1994, an object lesson in responding to adversity occurred. On that date, 45-year old boxer George Foreman–known as much at that time for being the spokesmodel for his eponymous grill as for his boxing–knocked […]

Lighting the Lights of Leadership

We bring light as leaders through deliberate and constant focus on doing so. I invite you to share examples below. Here we sit in the middle of the holiday season. I’m here–with the freedom of conscience, thought, and expression afforded some of us in this world–reflecting on the past year and its many lessons. As […]

The End of Honesty?

I came across this article by Victor Davis Hanson on the prevalence of lying to advance agendas of all sorts. Link I admit, it struck me as a very timely if somewhat political angle on a problem that is significant in our society.  Namely, the tendency of some leaders (and VDH is decidedly focused on […]

Activist Investors and How to Handle Them

Activist investors may become more active–spurring management to focus and accelerate.   Fortune’s Paul Hodgson filed this article yesterday about how activist investors are becoming even more active. It’s a good read that summarizes the influence of activist hedge funds and the like; and how that influence is growing into the Fortune 500-sized company space. […]