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Want a Better Team? Mix In Some of This…

This has been an interesting article making the rounds for some time now. In January, the New York Times publicized research by several scholars that provides some new insight into what makes teams click… YOUR LINK The operative portion: …the smartest teams were distinguished by three characteristics. First, their members contributed more equally to the […]

Leadership That’s Always Winter, Never Christmas

Icy children’s stories from today and yesterday contain leadership lessons for us all. I’m sitting here this morning in the aftermath of one of the nastier ice “storms” that we’ve had here in the upstate of South Carolina during my residence in this fantastic region. I use scare quotes around “storm” because I have to admit, […]

Are You Well if Oil is Not Well?

    The jolly crew of optimists at ZeroHedge, quoting some of their stable of doomsayers, are predicting that the oil crisis is just beginning… And I find it worth reading. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-02-16/why-price-oil-more-likely-fall-20-rather-rise-80 To follow on to some of the earlier questions posed by this blog: What does your business look like in the age of […]

Leadership and the Infinite Monkey

The vision-less leader is like the proverbial monkey on a typewriter…Or even worse. Options are a good thing. We all want options. Chocolate or vanilla? White or wheat? Paper or plastic? Options, to a point, are the spice of life. But, there’s a breed of leader out there whose approach to leadership amounts only to […]

The One Essence of Great Leadership

Great leaders, regardless of the arena they lead within, share one absolutely essential trait. “I’ve got your back.” It is, without a doubt, one of the most satisfying things to hear from one’s leader. In a single phrase, a leader can differentiate him or herself from the managerially mealy-mouthed “we’re all in this together” to […]