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Activist Investors and How to Handle Them

Activist investors may become more active–spurring management to focus and accelerate.   Fortune’s Paul Hodgson filed this article yesterday about how activist investors are becoming even more active. It’s a good read that summarizes the influence of activist hedge funds and the like; and how that influence is growing into the Fortune 500-sized company space. […]

Yahoo: Fed Rattled by Elusive Inflation…

  On the heels of my post yesterday regarding energy prices and your future, Yahoo posted some news about the Fed being rattled by “elusive” inflation. Your Link… In a zero real rate environment, getting some positive price momentum would be helpful to the Fed.  Unfortunately, energy isn’t cooperating.  A “final” quote from the article: William […]

Energy Shocks Put a Premium on Foresight

The current sea change in energy markets brings the need for foresight to the front stage.   Foresight feeds the foundation of strategy.  The ability to read and react to the likely future defines organizations and executives. On November 25th, energy expert Daniel Yergin (writer of The Prize among many other interesting books and articles) appeared on CNBC to outline […]

Concussions, Settlements, Cynicism, and Standards

The NFL’s concussion settlement might be more cynical than its decades-long deceptions on the topic. While I have nothing to gain from the National Football League’s concussion settlement, I have been an interested observer. As I stated in an earlier commentary, I played the sport and understand its intensity. So, I take notice of big […]

The Leadership Trait Nobody Talks About…

Rediscover grace as a part of your leadership approach…and look for it in others’.     What’s a fundamental difference between a professional whose career is summed up as “noble leader” and one whose career can be summarized as “tyrant?” Grace. For those of us who believe in a constrained view of the world…one where […]

Get a Grip and Let Go

Just what, exactly, is all that control doing for you?     Insights are everywhere. On October 18th, I accompanied my 9-year old daughter to a birthday party for a younger cousin. We had a fantastic time. During the party, the kids, both the younger ones and the older ones, were playing with (helium) balloons. […]