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Find Your Problem Solving Mindset

When it comes to problem solving, learning to define and flex your mindset can make all the difference. In my prior post, linked here, I outlined some important notions of what problem solving isn’t and how to test for unproductive problem solving behaviors. In this one, I’ll go into a critical aspect of problem solving—the […]

What Problem Solving Isn’t…

Watching out for some critically bad behaviors can improve your effectiveness as a problem solver.   This is the first of a few posts I’ll share on the topic of problem solving. We in the professional ranks toss the concept of “problem solving” about like it’s a common sense concept. It isn’t. Problem solving is […]

Success Can Be a Problem, Too…

Sometimes, learning from your successes can be the hardest learning of all.   “History is written by the victors.” – Winston Churchill The most difficult leadership disease to overcome is one that springs from success. A victory—whether it be in business, war, or sports—is a victory. A win is a win. The disease I write […]

NFL Actuaries and Defining Moments

The National Football League’s release of actuarial estimates on long-term cognitive impairment among its players is a real defining moment. This one hits close to home for me. Those who know me know that I grew up playing (American) football. I played through the collegiate ranks and had a brief taste of the most elite […]

Strategy is Execution…And Vice Versa

Overcoming the intellectual separation of strategy and execution by testing whether you’ve “packed for the journey” can unlock flexibility, creativity, and action.   At a conceptual level, the strategy to execution gap is real. I’ll leave it to the reader to search The Internet for “strategy to execution gap” and to then peruse the studies […]