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Actually, the issue is that you have no vision

Single issue focus is just as bad for business as it is for government policy.  It’s vision that counts. This post springs from the debates surrounding the tax reform legislation currently gestating in the bowels of D.C. Interviewed on one of the many news programs early this morning was a leader of a home-building special interest […]

I learned this from my worst bosses…

Even the worst bosses teach you things.  Here are a few from my experience. Have you ever had a bad boss?  I don’t mean somebody you just didn’t click with, I mean a really bad boss.  They didn’t have to be a bad person (though they might be).  They just might not have been competent bosses. […]

What Monty Hall taught us about strategy

New information is always valuable to your strategy in life, business, and the occasional game show. Note: I woke up this morning and found an obituary to game show host Monty Hall of Let’s Make a Deal fame.  This is a draft that was buried deep in my queue that I thought might be a […]

Business strategy and big brother

Sure, you know big brother is watching you, but is your business strategy watching big brother? Bombardier woke up this week to a 220 percent tariff on its high end planes, courtesy of the U.S. Department of Commerce.  The news was a blow to the company’s share price, and probably a bigger blow to those who depend […]

Links that made me think: Golf, traumatic stress, first impressions, and other things

This week’s reads and resources to provoke thoughts on strategy, leadership, life, and other things. Every week, I get to devour a hefty heap of digital content in service to our clients and partners. As I sift through the internet on this mission, I discover things that are relevant to business, strategy, leadership, and life in general. As […]