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What the fear of missing out does to your business strategy

You don’t want to miss an opportunity, and that means you might miss them all. What does a smart strategist do with resources? Most would say that “strategy” in and of itself depends on focusing the investment of resources against valuable ends. But what happens when you have too many possible directions to go with your […]

Evolution and business transformation

A brief notion of what it takes to actually evolve in the business world. “We need to transform” says the executive. But what does that really mean? To the dude with the MBA, it means driving margins higher, generating more cash flow, and establishing the efficient organization of the future. Only, it’s too often that such […]

5 randoms on strategy

Here are 5 thoughts on strategy that might be of use. Every now and then, I just have to lay down a post to get the juices flowing again. This is one of those times.  The past 6 months have been client-heavy and blogging-time light.   As I typed and re-typed the title of this post, […]

In praise of the anti-curator

Every organization needs a little bit of time and talent to stop, look, and notice what is going on. I had an interesting discussion with a friend recently that sparked a thought. My friend is preparing for a 500-plus mile solo hike on the Camino de Santiago.  A veteran of these sorts of hikes, he […]

Where heroes go to die

For 95 percent of your business, it’s best to put your heroes in the graveyard. Meet Sam. Sam is a hero.  She probably lives in your organization.  She’s the one that “gets things done.” Product not getting shipped?  Sam is the one on the dock. Work not getting done on time in the drafting room? […]

The things you leave behind

The toughest part of business strategy is choice. We live in a fantastically privileged time and I live in a fantastically privileged place.  When thinking about taking a journey with my family, I am rarely, if ever, really constrained by my capacity to carry things along with me.  A large SUV and a few containers […]

Old CEOs and bold CEOs

A recent HBR articles hints that those who make it to CEO fastest aren’t always the best case studies. Perusing the business press recently I came across an article on the Harvard Business Review website by a couple of partners at talent advisory firm ghSmart.  I’m partial to a lot of the tools and techniques […]

Your strategy really does need to contemplate WAR

Where does true value add come in to your business or professional strategy? Hedge fund and other investment managers call it alpha. That’s the value a particular investment or configuration of investments creates after you strip away all the risk taken by making the investment. Baseball statisticians call it WAR, or “Wins Above Replacement.” That’s the […]