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I founded Wilson Growth Partners, LLC to serve clients and publish content with a single core belief. That belief is that there is an enlightened path to strategic leadership.

Enlightened Strategic Leadership encompasses 3 focus areas:


How we deliver on commitments.

  • Definition and Delivery – What it means to be high performing, and how to get there from here.
  • Insight & Foresight – How we sense, address, and adapt to the world around us. How we manage risk. Above all, how we learn.
  • Planning & Execution – What it means to plan. How to avoid the pitfalls of planning. And, how to make execution an extension of planning vs. a tension against it.
People Leadership and Clarity

How we lead , encourage, engage and use diversity, understand motivations, and ultimately inspire appropriately.

  • Problem Solving – How we avoid distractions and seek truth.
  • Entrepreneurship – How to recognize it, encourage it, and most of all avoid killing it.
Professional Standards

How we uphold standards in our life and work.

  • Facts and Evidence – How we ensure delivery based on facts, avoid spin, and drive results in service of those around us.
  • Professional Values – How we search for performance and long term value for all stakeholders, and provide objective advice (and objections) when needed.
  • Humane Values – How we make our professional lives worthy of a life well lived: Serving, with self respect and dignity, the self respect and dignity of others.

I have also chosen to include a blog on this site as one of its earliest features. I hope to find insight, drive discussion, and encourage growth (both yours and mine) by engaging a variety of sources and ideas. I aim to focus the discussion on business leadership, but also to have the freedom to delve into topics that are obliquely relevant.

I hope you’ll take part in the experiment by commenting and collaborating.

Geoff Wilson
Founder and Principal, Wilson Growth Partners, LLC
Spartanburg, SC (2014)

Selecting a trusted strategic partner is a pivotal decision for top executives looking to manage change or accelerate their organizations.

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