Are You Well if Oil is Not Well?


Where to from here?


The jolly crew of optimists at ZeroHedge, quoting some of their stable of doomsayers, are predicting that the oil crisis is just beginning… And I find it worth reading.

To follow on to some of the earlier questions posed by this blog:

What does your business look like in the age of an extremely strong dollar, a Euro depreciating against all other global currencies due to EQE, and oil at $20 a barrel?

Tough question, eh?  Well, I’m not one to call the price of oil…If I were I’d be in a different line of business; but I am one to encourage clients and executives to look at the world through multiple lenses.

The lens that is most interesting right now is the one that includes a dramatic re-set of oil production both domestically and abroad, along with a healthy heaping helping of the knock-on effects that will impact consumer and B2B markets geared to this phenomenon.

Remember, you don’t have to sell into oil exploration and production to feel this wrath…you only need to be near people and companies who do.

Their risk is your risk.   Stay ahead of it.

Stay tuned.  Your comments are welcome.

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