The End of Honesty?

I came across this article by Victor Davis Hanson on the prevalence of lying to advance agendas of all sorts.


I admit, it struck me as a very timely if somewhat political angle on a problem that is significant in our society.  Namely, the tendency of some leaders (and VDH is decidedly focused on the political realm, but this absolutely extends into the business and community realms) to lie with impunity when doing so aids their position.

Hanson coins the term “Painless Mendacity.”

It is brilliant.

He states that some among us believe that there is no downside to lying as long as it advances one’s agenda.

My belief on lying is very much like Bear Bryant’s view of quitting:  The first time you do it, it’s hard.  The second time, it gets easier.  The third time?  You don’t even think about it.

Upholding a standard of honesty and integrity is hard; especially when you have tacit permission to lie.

But then again, nobody said it would be easy.

Your turn.  Are we at the end of honesty? 

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