Links that made me think: Bond Market Bubble, Pot Epcot, Automated Heart Diagnosis, and more

This week’s reads and resources to provoke thoughts on strategy, leadership, life, and other things.

Geoff Wilson

Every week, I get to devour a hefty heap of digital content in service to our clients and partners. As I sift through the internet on this mission, I discover things that are relevant to business, strategy, leadership, and life in general. As I do so, I’ll share some pieces that I think are thought-provoking treasures. Here are a few articles and resources I found particularly interesting and valuable this week. Enjoy the feast—or at least whet your appetite.

  • You don’t have to like him or even believe him, but Alan Greenspan sees no stock excess, warns of bond market bubble. – Bloomberg
  • What do the smartest companies look like? Have a look at this list. – MIT Technology Review
  • Everybody is talking about the “Internet of Things,” and only a few can define it well. Some thoughts here on what it takes for an organization to go IoT. – Network World
  • It’s because we’re all jealous: The brutal truth about why everybody else resents millennials. – Inc. 
  • I’ll bet the local Frito-Lay distributor is ecstatic: Marijuana company buys a town envisioning cannabis Epcot Center. – Marijuana Business Daily
  • One more step toward a higher quality, automated medical profession: Stanford computer scientists develop an algorithm that diagnoses heart problems with cardiologist-level accuracy. –

Dig in, let me know what you think, and have a great week!


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  1. Chris DeSoiza
    Chris DeSoiza says:

    It’s time for Tom Petty to release: “Maybe it’s not the last dance with Mary Jane” or its time to buy Doritos stock! Of course there are those other more thought provoking articles, but I couldn’t resist.


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