Links that made me think: Automated Sewing, Emojis, Passwords, Fat Cattle, and more

This week’s reads and resources to provoke thoughts on strategy, leadership, life, and other things.

Geoff Wilson

Every week, I get to devour a hefty heap of digital content in service to our clients and partners. As I sift through the internet on this mission, I discover things that are relevant to business, strategy, leadership, and life in general. As I do so, I’ll share some pieces that I think are thought-provoking treasures. Here are a few articles and resources I found particularly interesting and valuable this week. Enjoy the feast—or at least whet your appetite.

  • Yeah, but can you automate this? An Atlanta-based company automates complex sewing. – Innovation in Textiles
  • Using emojis in work emails might make you look less competent. – International Business Times
  • Turns out PuppyMonkeyBaby (creepiest advert ever?) is probably a better password than 5223@@#. Old password rules were … wrong. – WSJ
  • If you help people learn how to care, they tend to engage more. Kids who are taught to be more empathetic grow up to be voters. – NY Mag
  • It’s probably not because of smartphones and Netflix. How did U.S. cattle and hogs gain so much weight? – Sara Menker

Dig in, let me know what you think, and have a great week!


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